In Barbados 2017

Hello My name is Audrey. I have 4 amazing kids ages 11, 15 , 19 and a 20  year foster son with autism who this year moved into a group home.. We also have 2 crazy wild cats named Cocoa & Nala. We just add an adorable King Charles Cavalier puppy named Timon 🙂

I have had an online business since my youngest was born, I got  started  looking for a way to tell family & friends that Billy & Makayla where going to have a baby sister, I found Personalized Candy Wrappers. I fell in love with cute & unique idea! I still do sell & offer wrapper & party favors.

Then in  Sept 2013 I decide I was ready for a change in my life, I returned to school for 6 month taking Travel & Tourism at Westervelt college.

Few fun facts about me:

  1. I am huge Harry Potter Geek, I love the books, the movies the fun & magic of it all J I believe in letting your inner child out!
  2. I love ice cream, coffee …OH well who am I kidding I just love food. I love finding new & fun places to try!
  3. I love to plan birthday parties for my kids, My personal favourite was a PJ & pancake party we did for my youngest. I enjoy the celebration & fun!



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